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Default Difference between clix 2 and clix 2 rhapsody

Hi. New member here. I purchased a 2nd gen clix last week at amazon for my son. We primarily wanted it to play audible books. Now I need one for my daughter. Back to amazon and they have the clix 2 rhapsody for 189, a bit cheaper than the non rhapsody version. My question is this, are the units identical except for the rhapsody feature? Why would the rhapsody be cheaper? Will the rhapsody play audible books?
Thanks in advance.
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AFAIK they are identical in hardware. The firmware is what makes them differ. However, I think you can just load the regular clix2 firmware on the Rhapsody clix2 and make it a clix2... (not sure)... The clix2R works with Rhapsody software that helps you choose music based on how you rates stuff on your player... it is a paid for music service. Also not worth it IMO... The reason it is cheaper may be because it is subsidized by Rhapsody since they want you to subscribe to thier service... which leads me to belive that you cannot remove the Rhapsody from the clix2R (just like you cannot remove it from the Sansa e200 Rhapsody) ....but it could also be cheaper since is a week later... sales happen that fast... =)

Im not sure if you can use audible content on the clix2 Rhapsody but i know for a fact that Audible content works on the regular clix2...
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Thanks EnzoTen. Hopefully it will work with audible as well. I saw somewhere on the web that you can load the rhapsody firmware on a non rhapsody clix 2, so I think you are right that the hardware is the same between the 2. Thanks for the quick response!
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