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Help Album Art for individual songs

I have a lot of "mixed" cds on my Zen v plus. I like to take my favorite songs off a cd and mix them up. So many of my files have several different artists in them. I have been trying all weekend to get my zen to show a different picture for each artist, but, I've had no luck. If it is a full album like "The Who" or whatever I have no problem. Is there anyway to do this or are the jpgs associated with an entire album and not individual mp3 files?
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When the data is copied to the Zen it extracts the Album Art and creates a JPG for it on the Zen. Consequently you only have one piece of Album Art per Album (Which is probably why it's called Album Art!!). You have to be carefull if you have two albums with the same name as the Art from the first one sync'ed will be used for each of them

The Only way you can get different Art work for each track is to create individual Album's for each track.
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Merged with existing thread. You may want to have a read through.
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I used WMP11 to sync my files
You can right click on a track and look for the album art
After that, if the song you just edited was already on your player, you need to delete it first or else when you sync it the new album art won't show up
If you edited everything, you need to delete every single song from your player and sync them over again with the new album art
After that, every song on your player will show the album art
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