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Default Clix 2 sound quality question..

I've recently bought the clix2. This is my first mp3 purchase and i have a question. I'm using in with Seinheiser px200 headphones and it sounds good but a bit 'thin.' I was wondering if this is a compressed file issue and all mp3 players sound this way, or if its the player/headphones? Advice would be appreciated.
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well the response on the clix2 is a bit flat, meaning that it doesn't accentuate anything, not treble, not bass, not highs, or lows (theoretically, with the really good headphones you can notice it messing up the highs), so if you want to gain some "rombustness" best to fiddle around with the EQ until you get it sounding just the way you are...

so unless your mp3s are badly compressed and at a low bitrate, there really isn't a problem that some EQ tweaking can't fix...
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Smile How about OGG?

Hello GiblesP,

Just give it a try and encode one of your favorite songs into the .OGG format (from CD, not from mp3 of course).

You will be surprised.
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