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Default ZEN V Plus- Copy/Transfer freeze.

Morning all,

This is an issue I have read a lot about on the internet but I have never found a solution, so I'll attempt to reach out for help before sending my Zen V Plus back to creative with a frowny face.

The story goes, yesterday I got a Zen V+ 8gb from a friend, and much happiness was had. When I got home, I tried to use it, this is where things got awkward. Every process I use, it essentially transfers a handful of songs, but then stops. Completely. Freezes the window and the player. If I force close the transfer window, my PC is ok, however the MP3 player is now stuck in permanent "docked" mode. If I reset it via the tiny hole, it reboots, and then sits infinitely at "rebuilding library". The only option is to delve into recovery mode and format it ALL. So far I have tried out these methods:

Main Machine - Creative Software
Main Machine - Windows Explorer
Main Machine - Gnomad2 (on linux)
Main machine - WMP11 sync
Laptop - Explorer (transfer over network to the Zen plugged into my laptop)

As you can see it looks pretty dire. I'll try another computer now, but ALL of these methods involve the transfer freezing at a certain point, and buggering up the player to the stage where it needs a complete wipe. Oddly enough if I pick a very small amount of music (5 ish tracks) it will transfer them before "the crash" and they will work fine on the zen :s.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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have u tried ripping a cd? maybe the problem isnt with the player, but with the files ur trying to transfer.
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Incredibly unlikely. I tried many different MP3s which are fully functional on other players and were always playable.

Thanks though,
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Bit of a reach, but have you tried reloading or updating the firmware?
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Have you found the solution to this problem? I've had exactly the same thing yesterday. Bought the Zen V 3 days ago, was able to transfer some songs using Windows Media Explorer (under Vista), tried to transfer some other songs the next day, then the bug occured. The Zen V is stuck in docked mode, if I reset it it stays forever in 'rebuilding library', can't even turn the thing off.

I tried to put the Zen V in 'rescue mode' (followed the instructions at Creative's web site) but it didn't work (still got to the 'rebuilding library).
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Wish I can offer a solution. All I can say is that you are in good company. I have a Zen V + 8G and it does the exact same thing. I have tried to download music from both Napster and Yahoo. And it seem that I can download a few tracks and then it freezes up. I'm really disappointed. I have been a creative fan for years. The best one was my creative zen xtra and my micro. I can use the old software to pass music back and forth to each other and never have to burn any music on to my computer's hard drive. You cant even use creative software to record music into mp3 format anymore unless you pay them for the service. I wonder if the regular Zen M or W is better than the V. I'm just so, so disappointed.
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