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Default Overdrive Audio books will work on the Zen WAV?

Can anyone tell me if Overdrive Audio books will work on the Zen WAV? I download these audio books from my local library. It's a great free service.

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ceck the file format up against what the wav supports... what format are the books in?
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The Overdrive audio books are in WMA format and expire on my PC after 2 weeks but once transferred to my current MP3 player (sansa 260) they never expire.

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I don't use Overdrive but the Wav does support DRM'd WMA files so my guess is that it will support them. You might want to contact Overdrive and ask them. They have a list of players that work with them on their site but I don't know how often they update it.

I think the Overdrive books don't expire on players that don't have a clock. The WAV does have a clock and date so my guess is they will expire on it.

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Default Overdrive book

I use overdrive books. The list on their site is of players that have been TESTED. Most DRM devices work, but you have to just try and transfer to know for sure.

As for the expiration, they do not expire once you transfer to your device regardless of whether or not the device has a clock. My Rio Forge has a time and date function, and the books still don't expire. But, you probably already knew that because the Sansa has a clock. However, for anyone else who might read this thread, I just wanted to clarify.
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Smile Yes it works with Overdrive Books

Just got one of these today and I can confirm that YES it does work with Overdrive Library Audio Books, and the sound thru the speakers is quite listenable! So far seems to be a nifty little unit! Wish there were more MP3s with speakers. Now I can listen to audio books and podcasts w/o headphones, yay!

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