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Default YP-U1, 2 questions: firmware & battery


Just bought the YP-U1Q 2GB. Great little player, but I have 2 questions now:

(1) I want to update the firmware so that the player supports SRS Wow. If I understood correctly, only the Korean firmware allows this.
Some time ago someone here posted a download link to Samsung Korea in this post
but that link appears to be dead.
Does anyone have the Korean firmware file (I guess that would be the Korean v1.50 or v1.25), or knows where to get them?

(2) I bought my YP-U1Q used and the battery is not exactly at full capacity anymore.
Now, I know it's a built-in Li-ion battery, but my question is: does anyone know whether it is at all possible to replace that battery? I'm fairly technically inclined, but before I open the player myself, I wonder if someone knows some stuff.
Like for example whether the battery is soldered or plugged in, and if a new battery (or one that fits & has the right specs) can be bought somewhere.


- waltherpepeka
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1) The 1.50 firmware can be found here. I've updated the link in the original post too.

2) A new battery can be bought here, from SamsungParts, but I'm unsure of the details in changing the battery. dfkt could have the answer.
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Hi - I don't know if you resolved this or not, but my YP-U1Q has recently failed.

I've enjoyed using it A LOT for MANY hundreds of hours use since april 2006.

I dropped it a couple of times and needed to reset it. Then found the "WOW" Korean firmware here and couldn't resist updating.
It then started having intermittent USB connection with PC. I tried rolling back to an older firmware version and I managed to completely kill the thing - it doesn't charge or turn itself on , and you can't use it as a USB drive either- so there's no chance of getting it running again.

I've taken it apart and found the battery easily detaches-plug rather than soldered- though it is very well hidden behind the screen etc- so I wouldn't like to guarantee yours would work ok after dismantling and reassembling. The various ribbon connectors seem particularly vulnerable to being pulled out of alignment.

Anyway- if you want it you can have my old battery.
It gives 9.5 hours playback from the "WOW" firmware.

It's quite tiny so it wouldn't cost much to send worldwide.
Anyone else? otherwise it's going to the "E-waste" corner at my work.
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Smile battery?

hi mwchester.

can i have the battery for your samsung yp-u1? mine is dead, as in dead already, i can't get it to work away from the computer, but plugging it into the usb says it's charging and i can access the files... i just can turn it on when i unplug it.... thanks. i'm from the philippines.
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PM me your address and I'll put it in the post for's no good to me now...
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