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Thumbs up My personal review of the x5

I have one and I like it!

I bought an x5 a few days ago. I was disappointed with the screen. Even though I had read about it and saw it at the store. It has a low resolution so... if you buy your mp3 player for pictures and video shop some more. I read somewhere that the x5 has more colors though. What annoys me the most is the one way and sharp view angle of the screen.

The joystick is a good interface. I especially like the fact that when you click once, thatís it. I might be a clumsy user, but I always go up and down a few times on touch interfaces.

The computer to player part is fantastic! That is actually the main reason I bought an iAudio x5. I canít stand the idea that other players force you to use stupid software, intent on publicity, mp3 sales and keeping you hooked to a format. (I just learned the existence of Rockbox and have not tried it yet.) Copying my files and updating the firmware was a breeze. It is cool to be able to sort and delete the file and folder structure the same way as on my computer.

My listening time is not sufficient to say exactly how good it sounds. I still donít know how to use the multiple sound enhancement effects very well and have not even had the time to play with the 5 band EQ. But may I say wow! I heard sounds in known songs for the first time! That said, as always, the stock earphones are a joke. They donít sound that bad, but they donít fit my ears! (I have big ears) Another pair of headphones is a must.

The subpack is stupid. It would be a good concept if the USB connector was switched with the integrated USB host connector. On the other hand it connects easily and itís a good marketing trick to get you to buy stuff.

In the end, this is not a perfect unit. It is meant for the audiophiles and the techys out there. When you think about it they have been making cars since 1885, and they are still full of quirks!
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And just for laughs: CNET

Notice the order they list the features in - first the "260.000 color screen", and somewhere at the end "excellent sound"... n00bs
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Exclamation Review sites are biased

I read the CNET review you mentioned. The article is not that bad, they actually refer twice to the great sound quality. I think they did not give enough value to the fact that this player is a USB external HD that requires no driver or software. The 7.7 / 10 grade is biased in my opinion. They gave the Sansa e270 an 8.3 rating. Take a look at ďThe bad:Ē comments... I personally dismissed the Sansa after manipulating it for 5 seconds. I did not even bother to turn it on.
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