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Angry Broken Joystick

Yes- I had the same exact problem.. After using the unit for three months, the joystick literally snapped in half. The unit was well cared for - not dropped and carried in a case. The plastic was not sturdy enough. I wrote customer care - and was told that since I was just out of the warranty period for labor, it would be 25$ for them to simply evaluate the unit and their was no guanantee that they would consider this a hardware failure and replace the part. I'm pretty hacked off... the plastic joystick should not simply break after just three months and even so, Creative should do a better job of standing behind their products.
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Ive had my 4gb Zen V Plus for about 2 or 3 weeks and I have had no problems with this. I am currently building out a server room which includes a lot of lifting of tiles and getting down on the floor. I have a clear hard case for mine and I attached a universal belt clip to it. Its been great! I have scratched and banged it up pretty badly but becuase of hte hard case the player still looks like brand new. The hard case however looks like a$$ now. I like the way one poster put this ... "a well made toy". Thats a perfect description. It doesnt feel as solid or fancy as the Samsung Z5 or a Nano but It does the job its supposed to.
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Default broken joystick

I had the exact same problem with the broken joystick, where it first cracked in half and broke apart later. I simply just disassembled the unit to locate the broken 2 pieces and carefully glued it together, followed by placing it back onto the joystick. It works fine now, but it may very well break again. For auto and clark, how did you managed to repair or perhaps make a better substitute for the joytick, or a DIY to make it longer for better control?

as for how i opened up zen v, i followed this guy...
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Unhappy Broken Joystick

My Joystick broke in half about a month of use. I never dropped the player, just kept it in my pant pockets. I paid 35 dollars extra for BestBuy replacement warranty but those idiots say they dont cover that physical damage, and I lost the two parts that cover the button. Now I am screwed on my warranty that i paid extra for. Does anyone know where I can get this button and i can fix it myself.
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