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Cool Resuming playback from point of SHUTDOWN

Is it possible to RESUME PLAYBACK from the point of shutdown any other way than shutting it down manually???

When I manually shut down the player it WILL RESUME from point of shutdown

When the player shuts down from "idle sleep" it only comes back to the beginning of the file that was playing when it "shut itself down" and not the actual time in the file at shutdown!

My old Samsung had a "resume" feature in the settings and this ZEN doesn't !

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unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it doesn't have such a manually shut it down, no probs getting it to start right where you left off...but if you fall asleep, it will shut down and make you start from the beginning of the file again...

I think the logic behind it is that if you fall asleep or you are distracted enough that the file has played and you don't do anything about it, then it most likely means that you weren't paying attention to song, thus it rewinds it for you for your convenience...

sorry to give the bad news
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Default Figured It Out....use Bookmarks!!!

I figured out how to keep place even if it shuts down from idle.

Hit pause....Hold down the back button for a few seconds and you get a whole menu of things to do

Choose bookmark and set it !!!
You can do this for 10 different files or just overwrite the one file as many times as you want !

This feature is great because now I can bookmark a file.....switch to FM radio (at the gym) to listen to TV audio....and then go back to the point of the file I was listening to....
My Samsung could not do this!

I totally am digging the Zen player but wish the battery life was better and replaceable!

Other than that experience has been positive !

Bug man
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