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Default Broken ZVM, got an iPod, regrets etc

Recently, my ZEN Vision:M had not been functioning well (the headphone jack was no longer working). Using my 2 year warranty, I go to Best Buy to replace it with another one. That was the first mistake. I knew Creative had already stopped making the Vision:M player when they announced they were coming out with the ZEN. So when the customer service rep told me that it was discontinued & that they no longer carry it, I asked her if they already had the ZEN in stock.

Of course they didn't have it in stock. They wouldn't be getting any in until the end of the month. So I had two choices: leave the store with the broken ZVM, or grab a new MP3 player. I opted to get a new one. They had the ZEN V Plus, but I needed more memory. I walked right past the Zune to be confronted by the iPod Classic. How the hell did I end up getting this peace of shit?

One of the things that I loved about my ZVM was the fact that I had so much freedom using it. I could create folders right in Windows Explorer & use drag-and-drop. Never had any problems with videos since I kept them in .avi format. You would think this would just be a standard in all MP3 players. That's definitely not the case with the iPod Classic. I can't do shit on here. I'm so restricted, it's not even funny. I can only sync with iTunes, and it will not play the .avi format for no reason whatsoever. Even photos are hard to get on the device. No themes or wallpaper support. No microphone. And from what I heard, you can only use the computer you first synced the iPod with.

I got the 80GB version, but now I don't care about about the memory. I would much rather have the 16GB ZEN over this. But I still wanna give this thing a chance. Should I hold on to the iPod Classic a little bit longer, or just go for the ZEN?
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