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Default I don't like waiting

Shopping for a new mp3 can be a pain in the butt. This will only be my 6th player, but I can't remember ever having to wait so long for something to be available, is this typical? I first wanted the Sansa Clip, now, I want this new Zen instead but it looks like I will have to wait. The same thing is happening with the Clip, you can't buy them yet.

I have the ZVW and I like it a lot, this new Zen looks like a miniature version of the ZVW, so I figure the software that I already have will work with the newer Zen?

I have one question that I would like opinions on, how does everyone think this Zen will work at the gym? Will the cover be strong enough? Is it small enough to fit into the pocket of my gym shorts? I don't like to bother with arm bands, but it looks like I can get an accessory from Creative that has a clip and that would probably also work. I think the size is my main concern though, especially compared to the Clip. I have the Creative Muvo N200 for the gym now, and it works great except the radio reception is not the best, at least not compared to the little Sansa that I gave away. I'm going to try a different headphones today to see if that makes any difference.

What about battery replacement for the new Zen, I have not read anything about that yet?

I am enjoying all the posts in this forum.

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