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Default Two Audio Glitches I've Noticed

1. It seems that sometimes the player will chirp between two tracks. It doesn't do this on either of my computers or iPod. I don't know why it happens. Eventually I'll find a pattern (whether it be bitrate, encoder, etc.)

2. Also, if I'm playing music and I go to select another artist/album, using the scroll wheel quickly causes the music to skip. You can scroll one or two artists/albums per second without skipping, but any faster and it breaks up. I didn't notice this before I put the memory card in. I figure it's trying to seek through the memory card for some reason (as if the "profiling" at startup isn't enough). The memory card I'm using is a Transcend 1GB microSD in the included SD adapter. Perhaps the card isn't fast enough, but it works great on my M3 DS Simply (even with Castlevania: Castle of Ruin or whatever).
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