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Default USB port on Zen V plus failed and no charging

After 10 days of traveling, and showing "Low Battery" and not turning on, I had to return a brand new Zen V Plus 8 GB because it would not charge, would not be recognized by the computer, but it seemed to notice it had been plugged into the computer...

The RMA warranty process is over and a new player arrived.

This has confirmed my suspicion that the USB connector was not inserting fully in the player.

After a 10 days of travel, with many hours from 10,000 to 12,000 feet, when I returned back, I thought the USB connector was not seating fully like it had before I left. I did not charge it during that time. One of those things you could swear was true...

And it looked like something was stuck or had dislodged inside. But I could not clear it or force it.

I wonder if going above 10,000 feet in elevation might have contributed to this outcome? The player was not dropped and kept in it own plastic bag when not in use. Being brand new I was still in careful parent mode.

Very odd. In particular that the player seemed to know it had been connected, but would not charge, nor would the computer see it? So only some of the USB signals were connected? Very odd. But clearly the USB would not insert fully in the one returned. Very odd.

So if the player is not acting quite right when connected to the computer, might be the USB port on the player.


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Originally Posted by !express View Post
So if the player is not acting quite right when connected to the
computer, might be the USB port on the player.

Interesting. I am in the process of getting an RMA for my ZEN V+ 8GB. It was working reasonably well until Monday evening. I'd used it for several hours in the late afternoon into late evening and had plugged it in to charge overnight. Tuesday morning the device would not turn on and was not recognized by my computer an any USB port; nor was it acknowledge on a neighbors computer. Normal reset procedure yielded no change and none of the trouble shooting advice on the Creative website worked either.

My device had not gone to high altitude nor had it experienced any shocks, heat extremes or spills. It seemed to be operating fine when I plugged it in to recharge. SIGH.
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