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Default Unsolved issues with my Zen

Ok So I have had it for about a week now, heres whats going on.

When I turn my Zen on, itll be playing a completely random song and be right in the middle of it. Is this supposed to happen? Its almost as if the zen is playing from the time I turn it off to when I turn it on and when I turn it on, its in the middle of a song I wasnt playing when I turned it off. Also, my battery life doesnt seem to be holding up like I read it does in reviews. After only about 3 hours or so of playing audio, its already less than 1/4. Isnt it supposed to last for like 24 hours of audio use?

My main issue however is this. I have about 770 songs on my 4gb zen. When browsing artists, when I select an artist it populates albums, and then you you select an album to view that albums tracks. I can click the Options button from the album view to view tracks, I am wondering if there is a way to bypass album viewing to just view all the tracks automatically? Also, some songs do not appear under the artist when artist browsing, there is an "Artist" that has about 115 songs, and these are all songs that had empty id3 tags when I uploaded them, so Im not sure what the name of that artist is and I have to locate one of the songs by using random play in all tracks and seeking to artist. Am I going to have to fill out all of the id3 info on those tracks to make it more conveniant to locate them????
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