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Default zen vision not recognized anymore?

Suddenly my zen vision w is no longer recognized by my computer so I installed everything from the CD that came with it and it still isn't working. I shouldn't say it is not completely recognized, the player does turn on when I connect the usb cable. I did a CLEAN AND FULL install from the cd which is all I needed in the past to connect to my computer. The player itself is well kept and has not been damaged to my knowledge. All the files currently on the player play fine.

1. Can I recover the files currently on the player, by taking it apart and connecting to the HDDor by some other means?
2. How can I reflash/reinstall firmware on to the zen w? Is the firmware on the creative site a full install of firmware?
3. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, please share how you resolved the problem?

Some things I have tried:

Have updated your system or wmp? Yes.

Have you tried a system restore point? Yes.

Did you uninstall before trying to reinstall the software? Yes.

Have you checked under Device Manager to see what shows under the various devices? It's not there.

Tried a different cable or tried a different computer.

I tried three separate computers, one of which had never had the software installed on it before, and two with uninstall/reinstalls. I also used different cables and USB ports. I found a '' file, it didn't work, and now after deleting the ZVW out of Device Manager, it doesn't show up at all.

Thank you.
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If no luck already with 3 computers, then you have a problem with your Zen.. sad but true.. you may wanna reformat the zen (remove the battery than re-insert while holding the power button in on to access restore mode). you may wanna try ussing the docking cable instead of the usb, in case the issue with your zen in in the USB port of the ZEN
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Or just send it back to Creative??
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I'm going to try it on a friends computer. Does it work if he has wmp11 installed or is there any other drivers required?
It's just the player still plays and it does 'turn on' when when I connect usb, so I don't want to send it to creative just yet.
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Mate, I really need this fixup file can you email it to me?
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This is THE solution. I had the same problem and scoured the internet for MONTHS!
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