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Default View's fatal flaw

It bugs me that the FF on the View is so slow. So much that I've decided that it's a "fatal flaw", and returned it. Go to any land fill, dig out a rusted cassette tape player, and it has a faster FF. Why is this? Designers still think like it's an analog world! Are they hiring dropouts to design these things! Hey, designers, have you heard that RAM means "random access"? I mean, what the he** is going on! And all these things should have a skip function. I don't listen to every file, music or otherwise, from the beginning, and it shouldn't take 30 minutes to get to the 3rd minute of the file! Doesn't anybody field test these things?

All daps should be designed like the black Zune 8gb, which absolutely resists fingerprints, and surpasses anything else in appearances - but it's fatal flaw is it uses "syncing", which is not how people think. Up until the age of daps, nothing designed to be handled like a dap has a glossy finish. Take the HP-12C financial calculator (or other calculators). This is the fit and finish all daps should have. It's a hard plastic that is attractive, durable, and resists fingerprints. I don't have the urge to buff it every time I use it! And cover it with buttons, like a calculator. I hate these devices that have NO BUTTONS!!! Even the "movement" of the buttons on the HP-12C is satisfying! That thing was built to last! It's probably one of the best designed and built electronic devices ever made. It came in a vinyl slip-case and a 200 page, spiral bound instruction book, all of which are as good as the day I bought them over 20 years ago. Hewlett-Packard, God Bless You!

I wish designers of daps would just get it together and make something that is both attractive and durable without being "precious".
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