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Default SD card and long startup time

Hi, I'm new here. (obligatory newbie greeting) That is new to posting, not to reading. I've found quite a few answers to my questions here already, but now find myself with a problem no one else seems to have reported.

I've had my Pilot 8GB about 2 weeks. I'm just now starting to tinker with the SD card capability (though that was one of the main reasons I chose this player). The time for "Profiling Media Files" at startup is much longer when the SD card is inserted. 2min 40sec, every time I turn it on! That's compared to maybe 5sec without the card (except for first start up after removing the card, that was 15-20sec). There's no audio during that time. It just displays the message:
Build Library..

with "Media Manager" and the hourglass image at the bottom of the screen.

The Pilot's report of its memory:
Internal -- Total 7.7GB - Use 5.6GB - Free 2.1GB
External -- Total 1.9GB - Use 826MB - Free 1.1GB

In the internal memory I have: 740 mp3s, 8 avis, and 1 jpeg.
On the SD card: 260 mp3s, 23 m3u playlists, and 8 jpegs.
(1017 is obviously the file count, not including playlists)

I'm using a 2GB SanDisk "Standard" (blue, not the black "premium" or "extreme") SD card. I've had the card since late-May and used it in my camera and Palm with no problems.

Anyone have thoughts on what's going on? This card isn't even half-full. I'm afraid to think what would happen with a larger card that was full!

Many thanks!
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