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Default Scroll wheel LED brightness fix.

My e250 now has a nice dark blue scroll wheel! It is roughly half the brightness as before & a nice dark blue. It looks great!! Exactly the brightness it should be. Oh, how did I do it? See below.
Open back, remove the battery, remove the screws holding the front & pop off the faceplate.
Now locate the 4 LEDs around the sprocket. The illuminated part of the LEDs is on the inboard side of the LED toward the wheel. If you want, you can carefully replace the battery & turn the unit on. That will help you see what you are working with. What you are going to do is put a small piece of tape on top of the LEDs to dim them. I used Kapton tape because it has a strong nonconductive adhesive & is heat resistant. Now, Kapton tape is a transparent amber color, so I colored it with a black sharpie to tint it further. The resulting tint is slightly purple, but more than anything the LEDs are dimmer & the wheel is a dark blue color. The dimmer you make it the less uniform the light distributed around the wheel, so some experimenting may be in order. If you experiment with clear plastic & try some different tints you might just be able to change the overall color. If I find a tint that works, I will probably just paint the LEDs with it. As I think about it, I have some blue LEDs on my PC so I can play with the colors without screwing with the Sansa until I am fairly sure what I want to do. Right now, though, I am enjoying this mod! Good luck!
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