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Default Battery Life

Mirroring a thread I've started on the sandisk forum...

I've been using the View for a couple, almost three, weeks now, and I've always thought "this doesn't feel like it would be a 35 hour battery," but wasn't sure because the database kept refreshing (still happening to me even after 1.00.03), and I thought that the true battery level just wasn't being detected properly.

So this morning, I started a simple battery test. Fresh off a full charge, queued up 8gb of music, shuffled, primarily lame-encoded mp3's @ v3 ~150kbps (some v1 as well, but not much), half volume (on normal, not high setting), default every other setting, and let it go. 4 hours later, with the only interaction being one check of the level (by adjusting volume to get the screen to turn on), the battery is showing half empty.

Now, I understand that a vbr mp3 requires more processing than the 128kbps the 35 hour advertisement is based on, but at this rate, it's going to be about 8 hour it takes 5 times as much processing power? My old karma will still give me about 8 hours of battery, and it's nearly 4 years old! (in addition to having to spin a hard drive)

Has anyone else done a test of their own or noticed a similar lack of battery life?

I'll update this thread as soon as the test finishes, but unless some miracle happens (or the battery meter is horribly inaccurate), it looks like it's a disappointing result. So much so that I've checked my bestbuy receipt for the return policy...and I think I've got another week or so to make up my mind.
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