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Default Charging or dead Zen issue


This is my first post here, I’ve look through various threads regarding charging issues with the ZVM, but I think mine is different to any that I’ve read.

I suspect that my ZVM or battery is possibly dead, as if I connect with just a (known working USB cable) I get no life from the player at all.

If I connect via AC input, I get a Solid Blue LED, I have left the ZVM in this state for more than 12 hours, in an attempt to fully charge a fully depleted battery, but once I disconnect from the AC input, & then try to turn the ZVM on, I again loose all signs of life, as soon as I disconnect from the AC input the solid blue led goes out & only returns when connection is re-made to the AC input.

If I disconnect the USB cable between ZVM & PC while the AC input is connected, I can get the four blue led’s under the buttons to light, & the screen shows “Creative”, but no combination of button pushing or turning on changes the screen or indicates a working state.
USB cable, the button lights & screen go off & the blue led remains solid.

If I disconnect the AC input & leave the USB connected, the unit turns off completely no solid blue led.

Also at no time, has the ZVM been acknowledged by & connected to the PC.

I don’t know if my firmware version in the dodgy 1.4xx, but without my ZVM making a connection to my PC, I can’t upgrade anyway.

I’m at a loss as to know what to do next, any ideas…… my ZVM dead.

Hope someone can help……….

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