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Default The ZVM Overheating Problem Explained

Well, I believe I've figured out the overheating problems. If your ZVM overheats, it is either due to the battery, or the motherboard.

The Battery:
For some reason the batteries are very delicate and prone to short-circuiting themselves! When this happens, they overheat within 5 seconds and become too hot to touch. Sometimes unplugging your Zen from power will make it stop, but other times, the only choice you will have is to take hold of your battery by the wires, carry it out to your driveway, and wait till it burns itself out. I've had to do this twice so far. It helps to cut your battery in half with a pair of scissors. Though I believe this is a hazard and quite dangerous.

The motherboard:
I recently had a case of a ZVM motherboard overheating. It would overheat within 5 seconds of being connected to power, and would be too hot to touch. I located the problem: a chip. All the power was getting held up at that chip; the chip was short-circuiting the rest of the board. The chip got so hot that it began to melt.

The chip part number as it appears on the board is:

I am still not sure of the chip's purpose or what it does on the board. Anyone know?
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