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Default ZVM appears to periodically jam...

My ZVM is pushing on for two years old and appears it's age is starting to show.

While turning the player on recently it appears to be jamming on certain screens - it doesn't lock up because usually it can be cured but a quick flick of the power switch or by clicking the "whole" keypad.

This sometimes happen when I go for the volume function, the only thing I can think is that a button is jamming and causing the player to get confused.

It's suffered a few trips to a ground so I'm thinking this could of caused the problems to get worse.

I tried a full format and rebuild of the player which sped things up but the problem still exists.

Is it worth sending it in for repair or just getting a new player?

Apologies for my absence as I used to be quite regular on here by moderating a mobile phone forum takes up it's time!
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Tough call. Intermittent problems are the worst to troubleshoot because there are so many different possible causes, and you can never really tell if one fix has actually fixed it or not.

Off the top of my head, it sounds like the problem could be a loose connection within your player, or your hard drive is starting to fail. Either way, if you are handy with tools, these are relatively easy to fix; replacement hard drives are not too hard to find and not too expensive.

If your player is still in otherwise good condition, it is worth getting it fixed, whether you do it yourself or send it in. However, if it's showing other issues, it might be worth replacing it instead.
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Thanks for your help ZC - top work as always, as if by magic the player now refuses to play sound out of one ear and it's distorted.

I contacted Creative UK and Europe support (please note my player is way off warranty and is about 20 months old and they offered me three options)

1. Send player back and they will send me a "replacement or repair" for 94 with a 6 month warranty period.

2. Don't send player back, pay 84 and keep broken player and get a refurbished one sent out with a 3 month warranty

3. ...or exchange player for a discount on a new model MP3 player.

I like option 1 to be honest, it's hassle free and it's only just under a 100, option 3 sounds good but I don't like the Zen, Zen W is not my thing plus I have a Zen Stone.

I'm having to use (sorry about this forum) a ghastly iPod Touch which I got for free via a press friend (he doesn't get to review the Creatives)

The thing is a pain in the ass, so please give me advice before I throw the iPod Touch at the damn wall.

It's taken me an HOUR!! to get 2 TV episodes on the fruit named piece of **** it took seconds on the Zen.
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I would go for option 2 as then you would have soares to either keep and use if anything happens or possibly sell on.
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