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Default Media Monkey, Playlists and Pilot

Well I finally purchased a Pilot today. I use Media Monkey (MM) so I started up MM, plugged in the Pilot and whooa, it synced all my music and playlists.

I went to Playlists on my pilot and all the playlists (m3u) were there. I selected a playlist, pressed the center button, pressed play all and Dohh- nothing happened? It just stayed on the playlist?

I opened up the Pilot using windows navigation, selected one of the playlists which are stored at \playlists and opened it up in a text editor. Sure enough, all the songs were on it and pointing to the correct place on the pilot? Still won't play.

So, I started a song went to playlists and said add to playlist. Dohh- it didn't add the song either?

Anyone have any idea? I really want to keep the Pilot but if I cannot get playlists to work, back it goes (actually 2 of them, I got my son one for Xmas as well).

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Have you tried syncing the playlist in MSC or MTP mode? I'm asking that because with my Meizu M6 and Cowon D2, MediaMonkey playlists will only work when sync'ed in MTP mode.
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I used the default mode which I believe is MTP. However, I got frustrated and went out and purchased a Creative Zen just to play with (since I have 30 days to return) and it synced great, playlists, songs, etc... Not only that but converting a video to play on it was a piece of cake using "Super". I could never get Super to convert one to work on the Insignia and finally had to use ArcSoft. I even updated the Zen's firmware with no issues whatsoever!

Right now, I don't know what all those people are complaining about on the Zen boards, it worked great and sounds great!

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The only way I can get playlists to work is in MTP mode and syncing with WMP. Even still, when I want to create a new playlist and sync it, the others stop working and I have to format and resync everything and then it will work fine again. You can also manualy create playlists in MTP mode with file explorer. I really wish I could just drag and drop m3u files in MSC mode, hopefully this will be an added feature in a firmware upgrade.

I don't know if you are using external memory or not, but Media Monkey won't recognize the external memory in MTP mode.
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M3U playlists do work, there is another thread on it, but I have seen mixed results. What are you using to build the playlists?
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Originally Posted by myet01 View Post
I could never get Super to convert one to work on the Insignia and finally had to use ArcSoft.
There seems to be an issue with certain versions of mencoder, which is the command line converter behind many of these freeware front ends. I was very fond of 3GP converter, but cannot seem to get it to work properly on the Pilot. However, the free, simple and excellent quality ireverter software works great with (ironically) the Zen Vision M settings and 320x240 resolution. Drop the video and audio bitrates down to around 512 and 128 respectively and you are good to go for drag and drop simple conversions, not to mention DVD conversion too.

I use playlists created in Rhapsody and WMP 11 (same thing?) and they always seem to work fine.

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