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Old 11-23-2007, 08:53 PM
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Default Considering buying vision M but..reliability issues?

This week, my 30gb iPod photo died after about 2 and a half years service. Judging from the generally reported short lifespan of the iPod, I didn't do too badly with regards to how long it lasted, but still, I really don't want to get another iPod. In fact I hadn't wanted an iPod in the first place - it was bought for me as a gift. I kind of resented their market dominance and overall faddishness, and how overpriced and reputedly unreliable they were. I feel like buying another iPod would be just giving in.

The problem is, my iPod seems to have died at a particularly awkward point in terms of the options for high capacity mp3 players that are available to replace it. I can have a 30gb Creative Zen Vision M (now discontinued), for 149 (roughly $300) or an 80gb iPod for the same price, and that seems to be about it. All the options, apart from the iPod, seem to be extremely overpriced at the moment.

I'm interested in the Creative Zen Vision, despite the price per gb and battery life discrepencies between it and the new iPod. But it seems to me like it may be very prone to problems. Both on this forum, and on amazon and other user review sites there are mentions of problems with repeated crashing and freezing, screens going black, players losing all the music on them every time they are charged, and, most worryingly, lcd screens imploding without good cause. On this blog here, loads of people report problems with their Zen's lcd screens imploding.

The thought of encountering these problems is made worse by the reports of the difficulty of getting Creative to service the player, and the price of repair, which seems to be identical to the extortionate amounts charged by Apple. And also the fact that I cannot buy an extended warranty with the Zen, as the one shop still selling them doesn't offer it.

Are these real concerns? Does the Creative Zen Vision M have a disproportianate amount of problems and innate flaws that make it a poor choice if I want a reliable player? Have many people used the Zen Vision M without having any problems with it at all? Is it still more reliable than an iPod? Is there any way to tell?
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