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Default Weirdes connection problem ever

Ok, so I've been a happy Zen user now since April and everything was going fine up until a few days ago. Currently, I can not get my Zen to be recognized by the computer, explanation is below. Please read my story carefully since it's kinda tricky.

My Zen is the Vision M 30GB Black, and I have an HP Pavilion DV6253CL running Vista Home Premium. A while ago I got an automatic update from Windows that changed some of the settings on my computer and I think it's preventing me from connecting my Zen successfully.

In late September the update I got messed around with the network adapter. Now, my network adapter perpetually says 'Execution failed'. I can still successfully connect to the internet using a wired or wireless connection. At the same time I got this update I noticed that some system information wasn't being displayed (eg. battery indicator was always at 100%, and a few other small issues too). I think the update has changed some important system files.

Now, I try to connect my Zen to my laptop and it won't be recognized. To make sure I ruled out any player problem, I have already done the following things:
1. Got the latest version of the firmware from online.
2. Got the latest version of Windows Media Player 11.
3. Changed the USB settings (through Regedit) so that all devices are recognized - Creative suggested this one.
4. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the device software (but now I've left it uninstalled since the drivers are natural in Vista).

None of these things have fixed the problem.

Today, I connected my Zen to my friend's HP who has the EXACT same laptop as me (without the network problem) and the device was recognized by Vista immediately! - so now I know it's not a problem with the player.

I've contacted HP so many times about this problem and they just don't give a shit and I'm running out of ideas on what to do.

Currently, when I connect the player to my laptop, it makes a small 'ding' sound (like Vista normally does when you connect a device). The pop up window appears saying the driver is being installed - but then says the following:

"MTP Device Failed. Please contact your manufacturer for assistance in getting the device installed."

Under the device manager > Portable Devices there is a symbol with a yellow warning sign. I've tried to 'scan for hardware changes' uninstalled and reinstalled the driver a dozen times, scanned for a newer driver online, but all keep saying that I have the most recent driver.

I really am frustrated with this. My laptop is causing so many problems for the Zen.

I don't want to restore all the way back to September - that would be retarded.

Does anyone have ANY suggestions???????? The player itself works absolutely fine. My laptop is just causing a weird problem. But like I said before - my friend has the IDENTICAL laptop to mine, except no network adapter problem - hence my belief that the update that caused this is causing my Zen not to be recognized.

Any suggestions that I haven't already tried are VERY welcome!!!!!!!

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