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Default Two X5 newbie gotchas

I thought these little tips might be useful to any other new X5 users out there who, like me, utterly refuse to read any documentation and instead just jump right in!

1. Don't try to use the USB port on the side of the X5 to transfer music files to the player. It's a very slow USB 1.1 port, and I think it's only intended for copying files FROM devices such as cameras. I also got a lot of file corruption and hangs when transferring files from Linux (when I 'sync' on Linux, it would hang, whereupon the only solution is to unplug the USB cable, whereupon the X5 hangs, sheesh, and then the files are corrupted on the X5, or even not there at all). Instead, use the fast 2.0 USB port on the little dongle thing you plug into the end (next to the DC charging port).

2. If you have a bunch of files ripped from your CD collection, then these will almost certainly have a bunch of illegal characters which the X5 cannot handle (it uses the VFAT filesystem, which I guess has limitations in order to be cross-platform). You need to remove a bunch of bad characters, including colon ':', question mark '?' and other unicode international stuff. Anything with funny looking lines over them, basically. I found a very nice perl script which worked like a charm to simply remove these bad characters from filenames; it was actually written specifically for the X5, which is great. It's here:

And for reference, the thread where I found it:

Note: There were some characters that still got mangled, but it was only a visual effect rather than anything causing problems for the X5. For example, Sinead O'Connor got a little strange with the e, and anything remotely celtic in nature will probably look a little mangled. And some track names with Japanese characters looked totally garbled... but again, the rename script did at least reduce it to a form that the X5 can accept. You will probably still need to do some manual cleaning up to make things look nice.

Anyway, now I've taken care of these two things, files seem to be copying just fine now...

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