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Default Magnet in pants shuts down Zen?

I have a Creative Zen32 which works great, zero problems.. Got it it a while back when Creative was blowing them out at $140, after having an 8G model for several years before then.

Today I noticed something odd, it would shut down on me when putting it in my pocket and when I turned it back on it had to rebuild the library and one time it had the playlist I'd used the day before rather than the one I'd set up today. Otherwise, no problems.. I haven't lost any data I'm aware of.

After some experimenting I figured out that if the magnet in my pants pocket passes over the back of the Zen, it shuts down. My cargo pants have several magnets to keep pockets closed etc. Odd thing is I've worn these pants a lot in the past and never saw a problem before today. Otherwise, it's played for hours without any problems, so seems to only happen when it gets really close to this magnet. I'm not experimenting TOO much in case it's bad for it, but I don't imagine it is.

Anyone have an idea what's happening or heard of this before? I'm going to try this on my 8G Zen as well, but curious if anyone else has seen this? It's a new one on me.
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