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Default Getting adjusted+recommendations for ZVM

I just got a ZVM (yay!) so that means that I get to ditch my iPod Mini (uber yay!). All of my music is under an iTunes folder though, so I don't really know what to do. I want to eventually get iTunes off my computer.

I downloaded all the stuff on the installation CD, but I don't really understand all of it, so I just got WMP11 too, but all of my songs are messed up. Well not all, but some. The album art thing is fixable (for some. I combined some albums on WMP, and now the art is set for all those songs, but its not visible when you go into the album view on Windows). Is there another program you'd recommend over WMP11? I've heard a couple things, and Mozilla has a program call Songbird. Anyone heard of it?

Also, a lot of my titles/composers/album names are messed up or non-existant. I'm trying to fix this, but its not working so well. For example, I have a song from Gladiator and on from Lord of the Rings, and I can't get the Gladiator song out of the LOTR album folder thing! There has to be an easier way to organize my music! (Though I guess it doesn't help that some of my music is Limewired)

I also wanted to ask about id tags or something. I've been searching around, and I really don't get all this coding or whatever. I want to get the best audio quality out of my songs and zvm, so is there anything I need to do here?

ALSO I have a question about cases. So now I'm looking for a case (I have a black 60gb). I've already ordered an IS, so that's done. I want a silicon more so than leather; I feel that it'd protect better (I'm quite clumsy, and I've dropped my iPod mini several times, albeit I've had it for about three years).

Anyway, these are the two I'm narrowing it down to:


either in black or white (but idk about white. It seems as though it'd lighten my black player and make it kinda ugly. I can live with not seeing the keys, or I can just cut a little hole). So which one, or is there a different silicon case you'd recommend?

Oh, one more thing. My ZVM has some scratches on it already. I don't think they're that deep (I've only unwrapped it once or twice. I'm going to save it till Christmas), but think I should order some applesauce to put on before I apply the IS?

<!-- / message --><!-- controls -->Thanks a bunch.
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Get one of those cheap clear hard cases off ebay that only have a cutout for the controls. You'll get a helluva durable protection, namely for the screen. I personally hate rubber ones because they're impossible to stuff in a pocket and since you can self-service the player, I wouldn't worry about fall damage that much. Just take GOOD care of it and it'll serve you for a very long time.
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i've got the kroo one, its cheap off ebay, really good


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I wanted to ask, on the podsplus, does it allow you to see the LED lights?
And the more I've been thinking about it, I probably won't use the case unless I'm traveling or out of the house, so I might want a leather one to jazz it up. Any suggestions?
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When i bought my ZVM used it was badly scratched.

You can polish out scratches with a bit of rubbing.

I used toothpaste first, as it is the most abrasive, taking out the big deep scratches, but making scrathes too.

Then Brasso takes out the scratches the toothpaste made,

the Silvo, the least abrasive, takes out the scratches the brasso made.

Then an invisible shield / Best skin ever (what i got) hides the smallest scratches.

The player all in all cost me 95 and still looks brand new after the polishing out of scratches and the BSE has kept it like that. The Brasso, toothpaste, and silvo were all lying around the house anyway.

Btw the method above can be used on CD's, DVD's, Games etc.


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Make sure you get a reputable screen protector.

Invisible Shield or Best Skins Ever are both really good, with the BSE being cheaper in cost. The silicone cases are nice, as I use a BoxWave FlexiSkin, but without a IS, or BSE, dirt and dust can get in between the case and the player, and as you might have heard, the only serious drawback to the ZV:M is that it's a scratch magnet.

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i was using the kroo case but it makes the player so much bigger (a little more than 1/16in on each side) that it was not worth it to me, now i go with just a screen protector, and if the buttons get scratches i ignore them or take them off with silvo which works very well on minor abrasions, but i never put it in my pocket with keys or anything hard.
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feel like i'm being stupid here, but i'm looking at getting a Boxwave case from their site:

what's with the price difference? i'm only really interested in the case; not a kickstand or belt clip, and the cheapest one looks good.... i was worried it came with less than the just the kickstand or something. Maybe it's the way they've written it, but seeing the option ''without'' the belt clip being 16$ cheaper than the one ''with'' the kickstand is confusing me somewhat, haha
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Seems they're either trying to clear out their kickstand-equipped cases, or there's a massive typo on their website.
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