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Default My Zen Vision M Froze and Crashed!

So today, I was listening to my Zen Vision M mp3 when suddenly everything freezes and the music i was listening to starts repeating its last sound like "blahblahblah" So I got a sharp object and clicked the reset button. My mp3 starts to refresh and it then takes me to the REBUILDING screen. The green bar starts to load and when it got half way through(Didnt rebuild all the way), my mp3 got back on. I then started to search for the song I wanted to hear when I realized it wasnt there. I then go to my system information and I realize half my tracks were gone( had like 1,750 tracks and now have 910 tracks). Weird thing is, just random songs are gone. I also checked to see if my pictures and videos were still there and they were ALL GONE! I connected my mp3 to my labtop and when I open up ZEN Vision M Series Media Explorer, it says my Zen Vision M WAS NOT CONNECTED. Blue light was flashing on and off and it says its DOCKED. It is even CHARGING but for some odd reason it is saying my mp3 is not connected. When I tried resetting it again to see if it will fix up, it again stopped half way through the REBUILDING session. And it still didnt make a difference. I dont have a clue on whats going on. Had my mp3 for almost a year. Is there a way I can get my music and other stuff back and get the Media Explorer to work again?
Can Anyone Help me Out?
If you got more questions, feel free to ask me

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