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Default Sorting by filename?? Is it NOT possible?

Please forgive the newbie post. It simply never occurred to me check that this kind of basic usage would NOT be included in the software.
I just got my new Zen, absolutely gorgeous little machine, BUT I can't believe there it lacks so basic a functionality as sorting tracks by filename.
I started programming nearly 40 years ago on an IBM360 (punchcards of course) as a physicist-trust me, that teaches you humility and how to appreciate a human-oriented interface-but NOT at the loss of basic functionality.

I am now a classical musician-->I album wrap all of my pieces (i.e. o/w you have 33 tracks for The Goldberg Variations).

All I see now on the Zen are are 100 files with the same tag- "Album-Wrap".

Am I missing something obvious here in how this gadget works?

Or is it possible the designers were so stupid ( sorry but that's the most appropriate word I could think of)?

Back in 1972, this astounding kind of technology existed only in SF, but it seems that idiocy in design lives on.

I hope I'm wrong- please correct me if I am. O/w this goes back tomorrow.
Happy holidays to all.
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Files on the ZEN are organized by ID3 tags, not by filename.
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But if you prefer file structure use SD card. Files will be sorted by name.
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You could get a free software called mp3tag.

And then just click each song and use the Convert Filename>ID3 Tag
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To add to this, as I know this pain, having a Zen, too... Before exporting a directory to Zen, sort it *physically*, with a utility that actually reorganizes the directory on the hard disk. The freeware tool FolderSort works very well. After sorting the dir, export it to the Zen and the files will be sorted properly. It's damn annoying to have to do this instead of having the player sort files, as it should, but it's the only way... :\ (which is why I'm looking for a good directory-based player now )
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I own 4 mp3 players. 2 1gb basic players (MPIO f400 and Zen Stone) and 2 higher capacitry players (32gb Zen and e280 Sansa Sandisk 8gb).

Both of the basic players will only sort by filename and the 2 higher capacity only sort by id3 tags. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

I can say that based on my experience, and after I got over the learning curve, id3 tags are WAY BETTER than by filename.
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Originally Posted by Nickel II View Post
I can say that based on my experience, and after I got over the learning curve, id3 tags are WAY BETTER than by filename.
Yeah I agree as well. However, I still would like to have the Zen support both. Sometimes (if the music is organized correctly), I can just find songs faster if I could browse by file name. I have a ton of music files, so sorting through even well tagged ID3 information can be cumbersome and longer
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