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Default SD Card Pilot Bug?

I just got a 16 GB ADATA SDHC Card, and I filled it with about 8 GB worth of MP3 music files. When I put it in my Pilot, the Artist, Album, & Song for all songs on the SDHC Card _and_ on my Pilot said "Unknown". I was alittle surprised that it wouldn't just display at least the File names, so I went to the File Browser on the Pilot, and it showed blank entries for every directory/file on the Pilot. This includes a handful of MP3 and AVI Video files stored on my Pilot--it's as if it didn't recognize the filenames anymore.

I tried to see how many MP3 files were on the SDHC Card, but I'm not sure how to count them in Windows. They're all in subdirectories by Artist/Album. I was wondering if this has anything to do with File Limits on the Pilot? I'm pretty sure that I'm well over 2000, but not sure how to confirm.

Anyway, I removed the SDHC Card, and the filenames for MP3/AVI files stored on my Pilot returned.

Has anyone run into this? I tried to browse old topics related to SD Cards and/or File Limits, and I read some speculations that 2000+ files may not work, but was wondering what exactly are the symptoms? I guess in my case, songs & videos play, but you can't really see what the files are, so it's essentially like having an ipod shuffle with no LCD.
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