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Default A frozen T10

Hello everyone,

my brother had receive a T10 (YP-T10JQB, bought at a Best Buy in Canada...I don't know if that info really helps..) as a gift last year and this past month, he had experienced a few problems with his T10.

The problem is that his mp3 interface is frozen.
We are able to start the T10, the little Sammy animation appears and we are directed to the main menu.

The thing is, we cannot navigate in the menu. each time we press an arrow, we don't see movement.

In the begining. my brother had all his music, starting up the T10, it started up on a paused music. He tried to unpause but it didnt work. Tried to change music or go to the menu. Didn't work. There was also no sound that we could hear...

Today, I tried to format it and there's no more music or pictures or other files. The weird thing is, we can still see my brother's own background picture. Wasn't it suposed to be deleted?

I tried to solved the problem by resetting the T10 and it still doesn't solve the problem.

Can someone help?

Thank you,

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If somebody knows how to resolve this problem,please tell me,I am in the same situation.
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Have you tried reloading firmware?
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Use it in a warmer room!

(sorry, couldn't resist! )
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