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Default Easiest way to make a playlist - Inside

I have had a nightmare time trying to create playlists using Windows Media Player (It started syncing photos and videos that I never selected) Rhapsody, and Winamp (program crashed everytime).

The easiest, best, most stable software that I have found to make a playlist is Media Monkey. The best part, is it's free.

1. Install the free software. (It is not adware or spyware.)
2. In the left window scroll down to "My Computer" (or other attached device) to locate the folder that you want to make a playlist out of. (Note: If you add tracks from your mp3 player, when it syncs, it will create a second copy of the track in a new artist/album folder created using the ID3 tag, so you will in effect have the track on your player twice. I suggest starting with a clean mp3 player.)
3. Click on Folder (and any subfolders), so that the tracks appear in the larger window to the right. (Note, you can select the "All" folder if there are more than one folder or track in the larger folder for convenience)
4. In the left window, right click on what you want added to the playlist, either a folder or "All". If you only want one or a few tracks added to the playlist, select those songs from the window on the right, and right click.
5. From the "right click" menu that pops up, select "Send To:"
6. Then select "Playlist"
7. Then select "New Playlist" and create a new name. (You may also add selections to existing playlists if you want. Just choose the playlist you want instead of creating a new one.)
8. Voila, you just created a playlist.
9. Make sure your device is connected.
10. In the window on the left, scroll up to "Playlists" where your newly created/ revised playlist should be displayed.
11. Right click on the playlist you want to transfer
12. From right click menu select "Send To:" and send it to your "Sansa View (Synchronize)"

It should now be transferring.
Congratulations, you are all finished.

Problems that I have noticed:
1. There is a slight lag from when it says it is finished copying stuff over, until when it is finished.
2. There is a 500 track limit to the size of a playlist.

Feedback is welcome.
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