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Default skip the build library

Yesterday I had a situation after copying some files to my player, where it would hang during the library build. (I gave it 10 minutes) The only way out was to do a 10-second power off. I think there was a corrupt file somewhere. Anyway, I was lucky that it was on the SD card, because the player returned to normal when I removed the card. I reformatted the card in my card reader and everything was OK.

But it got me thinking, what if the internal memory was corrupted instead of the card? There doesn't seem to be any way to skip the library building process, even when you're just connecting it to the PC as a mass storage device. If this happened, I think returning it the the store would have been the only option because there would be no way to get into the player to reset the memory. Is this right, or is there some secret button combination that can reset the player or put it into mass storage mode without the library build?

In fact, why does it need to build the library before connecting to the PC anyway? It seems like a waste of time.
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