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Page HOWTO: Samsung YP-T10 MTP with Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 7.10 - Samsung YP-T10 MTP

I have followed many guides on how to get the T10 working in Ubuntu.
None of them worked for me but now I have got it working thanks to a kind person who have made these .deb files.

First you type this into your Terminal so that you remove Rhythmbox:

sudo aptitude purge rhythmbox

Then you install:





When this is done you open Rhythmbox, then go to "Edit > Pluginmodules" and check "Portable players - MTP".
Exit Rhythmbox, plug in your YP-T10 into your computer and then start Rhythmbox. You should now see the T10 on the left side in Rhythmbox.

Now to the second part. If you want to be able to browse your files on the YP-T10 you need to install:


Go to "System > Administration > Users and groups" and add yourself to the group fuse.
Then log out and back in again.

When this is done you need to create a folder in your /home directory. You may call it anything you like, I choose to call mine T10. Example: /home/username/T10

Open the Terminal and type:

mtpfs ~/T10

This will mount your YP-T10 into the folder you have just created.

If you want to unmount the device from this folder you need to type this in the Terminal:

fusermount -u ~/T10


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whats ubuntu?
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Originally Posted by T10fan31 View Post
whats ubuntu?
It's a popular Linux operating system for your PC. It's an alternative to Windows.
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If you need the same thing for AMD64 / x64_64 you can use my ubuntu gutsy repository:

I also build packages for libmtp 0.2.5, mtpfs 0.8 and rhythmbox 0.11.4. Also I build gnomad2 2.9.1 packages against libmtp 0.2.5. They are all available for i386 and amd64.

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