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Default Tags Resetting?!...

I've been spending a lot of time in the last couple of weeks re-tagging all my songs (putting track numbers in front of the songs, making sure year and genre is filled out properly, putting years in front of album names) using the Creative Media Organiser software and it seems to be working fine. The only problem I have is I also want to update the album art but apparently (I stand corrected here) you can only update the album art if your album/songs are on your pc and not on your player (I don't have enough room on my pc to have my 30gig worth on there). To get around this I'd thought I'd just update all the tag info using the Creative program while they're still on my player and then just transfer an album at a time back onto my pc and then use Media Monkey to update the album art tag using Amazon (and have all the other options turned off so it doesn't over-write my info).

The problem I have is if I copy an album from my player back onto my pc it automatically re-sets the song names and album name (so it now doesn't have the year in front of the album and track number in front of the song name). Whats going on here? The songs have definately changed as when I see them on my player (or on the pc through any program they clearly have updated) but when I transfer them back to the pc it just changes them all...

Please help.
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