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Default What needs replacing ?


Aquired a Zen Vision M recently.
Displays a black screen and that's all I can get out of it.

Have tried hooking it up to a USB port and leaving it for a couple of days, but not so much as a blue flash of the charging light (Am using W2K, but know I've definately loaded drivers correctly cos I charged a friend's Vision M and transferred music - all worked 100%)

Purchased an AC adapter from ebay - the kind that slots directly into the Zen without the adapter. Have had it plugged in for almost a week. Has the blue flashing light consistantly, but still just a black screen.

Have tried to reset - no joy. Can't update the firmware (off a XP box) because it's not holding enough charge to be recognised.

Figure it might be the battery, but if that's the case, why is it not displaying anything while plugged into the AC charger ?

If it's something relatively simple, I don't mind buying and fitting a replacement part - I just don't wanna throw good money after bad ...

Any suggestions appreciated


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That's a hard one. On the one hand, it definitely appears the battery is not holding a charge. However, one would think that the player would still power up just fine when plugged into an external charger. The flashing blue light indicates that the player's charging circuits are working correctly. This all leads me to believe that this direct-plug charger you have is designed to provide power through the data port pins normally connected to the dongle's USB port, or that the charger only puts out around 500mA. If one of these is the case, then the battery is presenting too much of a drain to ensure adequate power for the rest of the player.

So, here is my prognosis with percent chances:
- Defective battery - 50%
- Inadequate charger - 45%
- Defective charging circuits in player - 5%
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Thanks for the reply mate

Charger is giving out 1000 mA. I'll try to get hold of a PSP charger. They fit the adapters supplied with the Zen. If I can narrow out the charger, thanks to your stats, I'll try getting hold of a replaceable battery. Saw one for 20 bucks including tools, which can't be much in Euro.

Thanks again.

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