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Default AC and DC modes switched after "repair"

Also posted this on Iaudiophile, but maybe there's a Cowon genius here who can help...

To have my new battery soldered in, I went to Portatronics in New York City, an Ipod/computer/portable electronics mini-empire. Arrogant nerds.

Music plays, navigation is still working, my replacement startup video runs, etc.

But after the battery replacement, the plugged-in icon shows when it's on battery power and it won't shut off--just shows the Charging screen. Plug in the subpack and charger--no AC connection, just the charger plug--and it shows the battery icon and works like it's on battery, turns off, etc. It also charges via USB. But I don't want to be carrying the charger just to turn it off.

EDIT: Reset turns it off. Good.

With the charger plugged in to the wall, the Charging screen shows again. At least something works right.

The know-it-all geek at Portatronics, who didn't even glance at the nice big photo printouts I brought from the battery-repair page here before disassembling the X5, said when I showed him the problem, "Oh, that sort of thing is usually a motherboard problem." Which he took no responsibility for damaging--if, indeed, it's damaged and he's not just blowing me off. He showed me how there were no connections he could have reversed, or so he claimed.

So, any suggestions for fixes? Upgrading firmware from 2.07e to 2.10 didn't make any difference.

Late-breaking news: Playing FLAC files on battery power crashes it now. FLAC plays fine when plugged in.

Any ideas? Also, if anyone knows how to spread the word on the incompetence of Portatronics, I'd like to help other people avoid my poor X5's fate.
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