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Default The Case of the Vanishing Albums

Hey, folks.

I got a 16GB Zen a couple of days ago for my birthday, and I've been rather enjoying it. It's a wonderful spiritual successor to my recently-deceased Zen Micro (crushed by a car, though its converted Altoids tin of a case protected it from being pulverized), and after a couple of false starts, I thought I had everything pretty well figured out.

But now I've noticed something. I'm absolutely positive that I have uploaded tracks to the player on albums that start with letters past H. For example, I know that I have uploaded tracks from Apocalyptica's Reflections. I also know that I've tagged said tracks correctly-- I spent all of yesterday meticulously checking the tag of every song to be uploaded, adding album art and making sure all the details were correct. However, when I browse by albums, I get all the way to Hot Chocolate and (the album by Justice), and no other albums are shown. I can't find Reflections by browsing albums, in either cover or title view, when I'm certain I've uploaded that album, all properly-tagged.

Strange, no? It gets stranger. If I go to "Artists", and select Apocalyptica, I can still see the album Reflections. If I click the album with the center button, it gives me the message "No tracks in this category." If I highlight Reflections, hit the menu button and select "View Tracks", I can see the tracks-- and play them! By viewing their details, I can confirm that they are indeed filed under "R" for "Reflections"; however, the Zen just seems to be expressly refusing to include anything from an album after H unless I really poke and prod at it.

There's one other odd thing I've noticed. I have one other Apocalyptica track, Nothing Else Matters, from the album Inquisition Symphony. Once I've viewed the tracks of Reflections, Nothing Else Matters shows up in there as well-- even though it's tagged as a track from Inquisition Symphony. If I view the tracks of Inquisition Symphony, I get all of the other Apocalyptica tracks as well. In short, the albums are getting muddled together.

I tried resetting my player, hoping that doing so might inspire it to rebuild its library properly. Nuh-uh.

To recap:
  • 16GB Zen
  • Windows XP SP2
  • Using supplied Creative software to load my player (against my better judgment)
  • Albums past letter H are not indexed correctly, despite proper tags
    • They do not appear when viewing albums
    • When accessed through artists, the albums appear, but deliver a "No tracks in this category message" when selected
    • If one "View[s] Tracks", the tracks appear and can be played, but all tracks from affected albums by the same artist are jumbled together
  • Reset does not fix problem
Apologies for the verbose post; however, does anyone have any ideas on how I might fix this?

Thank you!

EDIT: It gets curiouser and curiouser... I just now uploaded Queen: Greatest Hits (well, it's Greatest Hits by Queen, but I tagged it with the artist name in the title since it was a compilation). "Queen: Greatest Hits" starts with a Q, which is far beyond H, last I checked. Yet, it displays and works fine, which makes me think that something happened once that upset the indexing at H, but everything done since then is fine.

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