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Default Questions for View Owners

Okay, so I think I either want a Sansa View or a Sansa e280 (v2). Price-wise they just seem like the right choice.

I went and checked both players out today at Circuit City, and I really liked the View. I like the feel and look of it better than the e260 (they didn't have an e280, but I assume it would be the same). I also like the fact that it comes with 16gb of memory on board.

Some questions, though...

1) How does it handle audiobooks?

2) How has your View held up? The one at CC had the face starting to come off at near the hold button. Normally I wouldn't be concerned about this, as it is a floor model and takes a lot of abuse, but I've heard similar problems in reviews.

3) Can you put videos on SDHC cards, or only music?

4) Is there any other reason to choose the View over the e280?

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1-I haven't used audiobooks yet, but I read somewhere that there is no bookmarking available for audiobooks. It will resume your audiobook listening where you left it ONLY IF you didn't listen to something else in between, (just like listening to music) by selecting the "last played" option in the home menu.

That's weird, because there is a bookmarking function for videos...
But there is a "Chapter mode on/off" option in the audiobook settings. I suppose this would allow you to jump to a specific chapter, but I never tried it.

2-My brand new View had this problem, so I exchanged it where I bought it. (Future Shop) they asked no questions and gave me another one, which is flawless. It seems there was a big batch of badly assembled View.

3-I never heard about file-type limitations for using a MicroSDHC on the View, but I haven't tried it myself.

4-I had an e270 before, and I can tell you the View is much better:Better sound, bigger screen, bigger memory, better range of supported video codecs (e200 only supported .mov files, the file converted to fit on the e200 was usually much bigger than the original file) improved controls (especially the jog wheel), can accept MicroSDHC (e200 only used MicroSD, wich means the memory expansion was limited to 2GB.)

The only drawbacks:bigger size, battery cannot be replaced, a little more expensive, probably more fragile.
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Anything you put on a MicoSDHC integrates with the rest of the library, whatever that maybe.

I imported by view from so it's an American model and have had it about a month. It's been rock solid so far.

I've used the e260 and the View is leaps and bounds better. Check out the spec. it knocks the socks off the e200 series. Everything JSV says plus it's looks are way better. It's gorgeous.

p.s - It's not much bigger and is still very easy to put in your pocket. It's a little more expensive but looks what bang you get for your buck!
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When the MicroSDHC card is in the View, is it visible from within WMP (sync via MTP)? I assume it's not visible from within MediaMonkey, as MM can't see the card when it's in the Sansa Connect. Thanks in advance.
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I think it appears separately but will then be integrated.
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