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Hi all,

I got the YP-U3 working on my Mac with XNJB and am pretty thankful for this. However, I have an issue that is non OS specific but rather a problem that I have with how the YP-U3 organises files.

Some of my older mp3's don't have ID3 tags and although they are organised in directories and are named as for example "Artist-Tracknumber.mp3", the player shows these files in a folder "unknown artist" - "unknown album". This is very dissappointing because this means that I can not distinguish the files from each other because the original filename has been renamed to a non-existent/empty ID3 tag. As you might agree one certainly does't have the time to check 1000+ albums and add ID3 tags where they are not present. Is there any way to use the YP-U3 in "Directory" mode, rather then artist or album? Also, does anyone know of a firmware hack like Rockbox?



Gee, this is sooo annoying, it almost makes me want to sell this thing again. It's unbelievable. I want to lie down on my bed and listen to the tracks in sequential order as they are in my directory just to find that they are all messed up because they don't have an ID3 tag. What sort of an "iPod-killer" is that? This is f%^&ed.

Anyway, if anyone knows a solution I'd be very thankful if you could post an answer.



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