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Default Video conversion to player cuts off videos

I am using the Sansa video conversion software to convert some video files and transfer them to the View. I moved over the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy for my flight to California. I was excited to watch the whole set between my whole flight there and back. Sadly when I got on the plane, each video was cut to less than 40 minutes, so I only had about 1/4 of each movie. This is my first video transfer attempt. I ripped the video files using dvd decryptor into one huge 4gb file, then an ipod conversion program to make the video file about 850 mb. I then tried to drag and drop the small file, but they didn't work, so I copied them using the conversion software. I had successfully copied the same files to a Zune using the Zune software.

Anyone run into similar problems of videos getting cut short? It happened on all 3 of my movies and all 3 had different lengths.
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Most Video problems seem to come from the Sansa Media Converter because it is very limited. You would be better off using a different converter. (PSP Video 9 works for me)

Here is a tutorial I wrote earlier, mabey it will help

I don't remember the name of the file, I think its an .ini, but somewhere in the Sansa Media Converter(SMC) folders should be file that contains all of the media converters settings. Things like resolution , bitrate, ect. However making changes can sometimes result in SMC being even more unstable. Not to mention it sucks that you are forced to have your VIEW connected while converting, what a load of poop.

As to your main question about you movies being cut off...well... I personaly have not run into that. I kinda think it has to do with the limits of SMC.

DVD Decritpter is a great program to use. I noticed you said that DVD Dcrypter made a 4Gb file, check to see if you have any compression turned on. I only mention this because most new movies are on 9Gb DL disk, this would mean a ripped movie should be around 7gb. The smaller 4Gb file size will result in loss of video quality.

Also you don't need to run you video files through any iPod conversion, this may only confuse the issue. Most new converter programs willl allow you to transcode .VOBs

Well...I hope this in some way helps.
l will be gald to answer any questons you have

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Default efficient way to convert videos to ipod

Itís most obviously the case of inefficiency of the converter you are using to convert the video files to iPod. You could do that with iPod file converter software, specially designed for the purpose of converting files to iPod. iPod file converter converts files to iPod in the format it supports, which means it first converts distinct format video files such as avi, mpg, wmv, mov, vob, to MP4 so that it can be played on iPod. IPod touch, classic, nano etc can all make use of it.

Above all it is use is very easy, and requires no technical expertise at all anyone can do it. And most importantly it wonít cut or trim the video, the outputted video is same as the inputted in size as well as quality.
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