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Default Zen Wav Reluctant to Turn on and/or Charge

Okay, so this is probably a very cliche and repeated question here, but I need help with this thing. I had my Zen Wav connected to my computer, doing what I thought was charging. Normal? I thought so. I looked at it, and saw that it had never been read or acknowledged on my computer. Before this accurance my beloved mp3 player has had no problems what so ever. Frantically, I unplugged it to see if I could activate it. This came to no avail. I have tried to charge it and the computer will not read it, and I'm a little concerned as to what's wrong. This player isn't too short of being new, since I received it for Christmas of '07. I know for a fact it was not wet, or in anyway malfunctioning before I tried to charge it. I am deeply concerned with this as it is my prized possession. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot to whoever can help,

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You can try leaving it plugged in for a bit to see if it comes on or begins charging. If you have a wall charger use it. If it doesn't come back on, since it is so new, look into having it replaced. Good luck!
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If the battery runs completely dry (which you should try to avoid doing) it can take up to 45 minutes for the relatively small current of USB power to put enough charge into the player for it even to initialize enough for the computer to read it. Try a wall charger and a few hours plugged in.

In the future, try to avoid letting it run all the way down.
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