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Default Samsung T10 Usb

hi, i have a samsung t10. i used the usb cord to plug in with the samsung and into the computer, and i want to put music in it, but the thing is that my computer can not recognize the usb or samsung t10, and i dont see that usb icon on the computer, can someone help me please?
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What operating system do you have?
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i have window xp.
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You need at east Windows XP SP2 or higher since the computer won't recognize the player as a mass storage device(USM) like most mp3 players but as a media transfer player(MTP) so anything below Windows XP service pack 2 won't recognize the player's identification as such.

If you do have Windows XP SP2 or higher, then try another USB jack. For some odd reason, sometimes USB 1.1 doesn't work very well as USB 2.0 with the T10 and it might not even recognize it in some cases so try another USB plug on your computer if you have one.

So yeah, try those and see if it works ^^
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I've been having this kind of problem too. Especially after the 1.55 firmware upgrade. My T9 didn't have this kind of problem... Also, I have Windows XP too.
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There are soooooo many threads like this. one of these needs to get a sticky.

Update your windows media player, and run windows update. if that dosen't work try switching usb ports. It's unbelievable that new threads like these get created almost everyday, because people are too lazy to look at other threads.

What I don't get is why people haven't installed the newest XP service packs. It's literally like two clicks. The only thing I can think of is the rampant piracy of windows.
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