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Default Error: Zen media player not connected

Hello, I've a Zen 16GB. When I click Zen Media Explorer icon in windows explorer, it says that the player is not connected, even when its connected . Previously, I've uploaded songs on it so it was working on the same computer. One strange thing I noticed was that when I connect the player through USB to the computer, it makes double noise, (like when you disconnect an external hard drive). I tried rebooting the computer but still the same problem. Has anyone faced similar problem and any suggestions........
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have you tried another USB port?
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Yes I've tried different USB port as well. Now the player is not even starting. the battery was not down when this happened, and now when I connect, nothing happens. what could be the problem?
I have used creative external charger to charge the player. Could that have caused any problem?? eventhough its from creative?
Does anyone know if I can get replacement, and where should I contact, any link?
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If you have access to another computer, try seeing if it will connect to that. You may also want to try a different USB cable, as it sounds as if the one you're using may be bad.

What version of Windows are you running on your computer?
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happened to me too. at first, i just installed the program that came with the cd, then pluggged in the zen. if that didnt work, go to add hardware in the control panel, looked for the zen, and install it there. it didnt work the first few times, but u just have to play around with it.
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Default Found the solution

Thanks for your suggestions. I figured out a soultion. Incidently I changed the player name and after that it was not detected on the same computer. The soultion is connect the player to a computer, then go to "Device Manager" find out the entry for Creative Zen player (under "Portable Media Player"), right click on it and select "Uninstall". Then disconnect the USB cable from the computer and reconnect it, and windows will install the new device ("New" since you had uninstalled it) and it works fine. This may be applicable to other players as well.
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