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Default Have some questions to the T10

I'm new at anythingbutipod forums.
I can't speak English really great, but I hope you can understand me.
I want to buy a Samsung YP T10 MP3 player. In the moment I have got another Mp3 Player: It's called Trekstor i.beat mood (
But now I want to have a new Mp3 Player, at first a problem was that I hate apple (very expensive, but no good functions, Itunes etc. So I would buy only the brand and a realy bad Mp3 Player, wouldn't I?). But everyone Ipods are great! Buy one!...
After searching a lot I saw some checks with headlines like "T10 vs. Ipod Nano" - and the T10 was nearly always better than the Ipod. (OK, display of T10 and Ipod Nano are the same).
So I have some questions, before I'll buy the T10. I hope you can answer them .
1.)Does anyone of you now which Firmware the T10 has got, when I'll buy it by the amazon shop (
2.)I heard that dust could "come in the Player in front of the display". Ist it true? What can I shield the player of dust?
3.)Is the price 108 € OK for the 4GB-Version in white?
4.)I heard Bluetooth isn't aviable, but I read that it has Bluetooth, too! What's true?
5.)Do you think the T10 is much better than the i.beat mood? So that it's profitable to buy the T10?

6.)Is the sound quality realy good? Better than Ipod sound? Because I hate the sound of the Ipods!

I hope you can help me!

PS: You ca answer in German and in English!
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