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Default I want custom ordered playlist

Is there any way to achieve this by dragging and dropping in WE? All I keep getting is the tracks in alphabetic order. This is annoying when I'm trying to listen to albums like The Final Cut that are supposed to be played in their entirety. If not WE, what is the best way to make these playlist that consist of more than one album?

Thanks in advance,

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When using the playlists 1 - 5 on the player, it lists the tracks in the order you added them. So you could just add the tracks in the order you want them played, then play them making sure that shuffle mode isn't on.
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I know another solution. You can make a plylist on your PC. As you may know, Samsung T10 supports custom playlists in .pls format.
You can search this forum for .m3u to .pls converter. But this software doesn't support cyrylic symbols in file names (and maybe some other languages), so you may need to convert playlist to UTF16LE format manualy.
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