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Old 02-23-2008, 04:39 AM
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Default Tag Changes in CME -- not stored in file?

CME == Creative Media Explorer

OK, as I mention in this thread ...

...I have been doing some manipulation of genre tags on my zen to sort my podcasts from my mp3 music. I ran into something interesting.

I have a long-running language podcast (Coffee Break Spanish, if anyone cares!) that stays in my iTunes. It's on like 50+ casts. I keep them all, as I'm slowly picking this up again.

At some point, the author tag in iTunes changes from "Radio Lingua International" to "Radio Lingua Network". There were also some eps that weren't tagged as "Podcast" for the Genre. So, some weren't showing up at all when I viewed the Genre Podcast, and those that were, listed under two different authors, cluttering up my list. (I also mentioned I'm a bit OCD in the other thread...)

I tried to use a common freebie MP3 tag editor unsuccessfully. The editor I tried (MP3 Tag Tools v1.2) did not seem to get the "Podcast" Genre to set in a way that Creative Zen liked. The editor can set ID3v1.1 and "v2.x". 1.1 Doesn't have "Podcast", and using the other didn't seem to work. I assumed the Zen was using some other tag version that this editor didn't know how to edit -- I know ID3 support can be iffy. I realized I was on limited time before my next trip, wanted it fixed, and bit the bullet -- I manually relabeled some 30 podcasts directly in the CME interface, fixing Genre and consolidating the "Author" tags.

I thought: "I might not want to do that again", so I copied the files back to my PC in another directory (not iTunes), so that I could keep my "edits", thinking they ID3 tags on the mp3 podcast files were changed by CME. I happened to DIFF the results (compare the before and after mp3 files at a binary level) to see if there was an indication of what changed (thinking I could hack my own program to edit the tags in the future). To my surprise, this doesn't seem to the case -- the change isn't in the binary file, so if I wipe my player, I lose those edits. Or so I thought....

Weirder still (to those that don't know how the Zen works yet) is that copying this file back to the player, the CME will still see my manual edit (and the player will retain the genre flag when undocked) , so it's like it has a data file on the player storing my CME edits.... that persists after I delete the file from the player.

I spent only a bit of time playing with this, most of which was just designed to get it to do what I wanted to satisfy my OCD before my trip. Now that I'm back.... I plan to dig into this more, because what I *think* is happening just doesn't seem to make sense. I'll post findings, but any info on how the tags work, how CME edits work, etc -- would be appreciated!
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