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Default Is my player doomed?

I received a self-winding USB-Creative ZVM adapter for Christmas this year. When I plugged it in, the player locked up. Hmm... So I stopped using it.
Fast forward about a month or so. I needed to charge up the ol' ZVM so I looked for a USB cable and there was the one I mentioned above. Same reaction. Except now, the Up/Down function of the thumb scroll no longer works (it just registers as a tap in the center), left/right still work, shortcut takes me to the "what do you want shortcut to be", back sometimes works immediately after a reset. Same for play and menu.

I've disassembled the player entirely (thanks to previous posters!), checked all connections. I've very comforable with electronics, so if there's a suggestion with testing internal components, I'm all for it.

I tried re-loading the firmware using the 60gb-firmware-uploader and a custom firmware so I could tell the differnce (can't get to any menus without the scroll!). It loaded, but didn't fix it. I'd like to try something from the restore menu, but I can't select anything without the scroll.

I have a remote control for it that plugs into the headphone port. It allows me to play/pause, select FM radio, next/back and volume+/-. I wish the volume up and down gave me all the other things that up and down would do, but sadly - no.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is the USB cable the culprit or an unfortunate scapegoat? Cold nights in the car? Old age? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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