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While reading the Sunday ads, I saw about 10 different docking stations for ipods and not one for ZVM

Creative does have one for $199. I guess thats what I have to get.
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Originally Posted by mpquin View Post
I am looking for a "good" sound dock for my ZVM 30G. I really like the BOSE version for Ipod and would like something similar, but have not been able to find anything of this quality.

I don't understand why Creative doesn't make one?

If you are looking for "quality" comparable to "BOSE" it's pretty easy. Bose is a lot of hype and not a great deal of quality. Try this:

Far superior to anything Bose ever made and designed for the ZVM
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Default Something like an Ihome for creative.

Just got my VM today and I'm loving it.
One thing i would love though is an alarm clock that can charge/play a song when it goes off. Something like an ihome but for creative vision Ms.
Is there such a thing.


(Sorry if this has been posted..i looked through 5 pages see if someone had posted something like this.)

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Not exactly, but it is possible to have it set up to play a song or play the radio at a preset time, and coupled with a speaker dock or headphones, you can mimic the functions of the iHome units.

I own and highly reccomend the Cambridge Soundworks PlayDock Zen speaker dock. It's not that much more expensive than some of the docks made for that one fruity company's player, and it works quite well.

If you don't have such a dock, or you want to use headphones or hook it into a stereo system through the headphone connector, here's how you set the alarm:
  1. From the main menu, select Extras and then Date & Time.
  2. Press the Context Menu button (in the lower right corner), then select Set Alarm.
  3. From this menu, you can now turn on the alarm feature and set the time for the alarm, as well as selecting whether or not you want the alarm to only go off once or re-occur on a daily basis. Additionally, you can select whether you want to wake up to a random song or to the radio.
Now that the alarm is set, you're good to go! I have not tested it yet to see if the ZVM will turn on the PlayDock automatically, so you will either want to make sure it's turned on before you go to bed, or test it beforehand.

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Default Playdock Zen

I'm kicking myself for not ordering one of these since the ZVM's and now these seem to be out of production. I probably already know the answer to this but I'm assuming the Playdock-i is for iPod crap and the ZVM's wouldn't work with them? Blast you Creative...
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Default Play Dock Zen!

I would'nt regret not getting one.

I bought one from Cambridge Soundworks for $200.00 dollars. (I think that is alot for any radio) But I bought the Cambridge Soundworks name thinking it was better than Creatives. How wrong I was.

So every time I listen to the radio I turn up the volume and it just immediately turns itself right back down. Thought it was just me going crazy for a while but no such luck. I called Cambridge Soundworks and they said "oww no thats made by Creative you have to contact them" If I knew that I would'nt have paid $200.00 dollars for the friggin thing. If anyones dealt with Creative before then they know what happened next. They are almost immediately out of phone (human) customer service help. So send the emails. I had the appropriate firmware so that wasnt the problem. I got frustrated cause it was taking so long and put it off a bit, now nine months later am still trying to deal with them.

I have bought three players and one boombox from Creative, I dont think I will give them any more money. I sure as hell wont buy anything at Cambridge Soundworks ever again. If I got it at Best Buy I would have a new one that day.
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Default Z Dock

Does anyone know if the zDock 500 is still available?
I can't find any reference to it in online shops

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Welcome peter janssens. They are a little hard to find/get.... try here.
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